Trauma Informed Care Training

Our Trauma Informed Care Training series promotes a stronger understanding of trauma, how it affects a child’s behavior and ability to learn in school, and helps build a system more responsive to the needs of children. promoted

We provide trauma training, consultation, and other related professional services to teachers, administrators, and professionals in schools and other organizations dedicated to serving children. We aim to provide every trainee with an understanding of trauma–what it is, how it manifests, how it influences behavior and the brain, and how it can be addressed- -in order to create a supportive environment in which children can thrive. 

From us you will learn:

  • how to identify trauma 
  • screening and assessing for trauma 
  • how to respond to trauma practice with responsive strategies 
  • the neurobiology of trauma 
  • the impact of trauma on physical development 
  • de-escalating tense, threatening or dangerous situations 
  • restoring relationships 
  • trauma-informed self-care and vicarious trauma 
  • mindfulness, stress management, and relaxation 


Consultation services are provided and individualized depending upon the needs of the participating school and/or organization.

To learn more, please contact Megan Iosifidis at (203) 299,1315; x 6175 or [email protected].