Child First

An innovative, therapeutic, home visiting program that helps address emotional, behavioral, or developmental challenges in children, five years old and under. Child First strives to help parents and caregivers understand the communication and behavior of their child(ren) and help reduce stress in the home environment. Families work with a mental health therapist and care coordinator, who help to foster a healthy and nurturing parent-child relationship and create connections with appropriate community support services.

What types of services does Child First provide?
Child(ren) and their families (including prenatal mothers) may receive the following services:

  • engagement
  • a plan of care
  • two-generation, trauma-informed child-parent psychotherapy
  • parent guidance
  • mental health assessment and consultation
  • care coordination

How long will my family receive Child First services?
Families enrolled in Child First receive an average of 9-12 months of in-home services. In-home visits are scheduled based on a family’s availability. Child First teams are available during evening hours to accommodate work and school schedules.

How do I enroll my family in Child First?
Parents and caregivers interested in Child First services can call Child First at (203) 299-1315; x6201. Referrals may also come from state agencies, local school systems, pediatricians, and social service agencies.

Operating Hours
Monday – Friday; 9 am – 5 pm

Evening appointments available by appointment only.

In-home service.

Bilingual (English/Spanish)

There is no fee for service.