General Questions

Is Mid-Fairfield Community Care Center a nonprofit organization?
Yes. We are a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Service code. Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Was Mid-Fairfield Community Care Center previously known as the Child Guidance Center of Mid-Fairfield County?
Yes. In 2021 we changed our name and logo to reflect our affiliation with Clifford Beers Community Health Partners. 

Is Mid-Fairfield Community Care Center a subsidiary of Clifford Beers Community Health Partners?
Yes. While we are a member of Clifford Beers Community Health Partners, we operate as a separate 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a separate board of directors and remain responsible for the funding and execution of our programs.

Do donations to Mid-Fairfield go to Clifford Beers Community Health Partners?
No. All donations to Mid-Fairfield are retained by Mid-Fairfield and applied to Mid-Fairfield programs.

How long has Mid-Fairfield been in operation?
We have a 70+ year history of providing mental health and wellness services to children and families throughout the greater Norwalk region.

What makes Mid-Fairfield unique?
We are one of the largest providers of child and adolescent mental health services in the greater Norwalk area. Our experienced team of mental health professionals support the mental health needs of over 2,000 children and family members annually. We have a grassroots understanding of our community needs and are deeply committed to helping every child and family who can benefit from our services.

What is Mid-Fairfield’s operating budget?
Our annual operating budget is approximately $6.7 million. We are funded by state and local government agencies, Medicaid and commercial insurance, private foundations, and the generosity of private donors in our community. 

Fees & Insurance

Does Mid-Fairfield accept Medicaid or private insurance?
We accept HUSKY (Medicaid) as well as several commercial insurance providers. Please call us to confirm coverage.

Does Mid-Fairfield offer a sliding fee scale?
Yes. For families who have no Medicaid or private insurance, we utilize a sliding fee scale to help ensure our services are affordable. We provide services to every child regardless of a family’s ability to pay.

Does Mid-Fairfield help clients submit out-of-network insurance claims?
Clients are responsible for submitting all out-of-network insurance claims. However, we provide the documentation normally required by most insurance companies.


Programs and Services

What are the ages of children and adolescents who receive therapy at Mid-Fairfield?
Programs and services are offered to children, birth-21 and their families, as well as prenatal mothers. Please visit the Program Overview section of this website to review age requirements per program/service.

Does Mid-Fairfield provide clinical services to adults?
Yes. We offer adult services to parents/caregivers of active clients.

Can Mid-Fairfield prescribe medication for my child?
Yes. If warranted, the parent/guardian of a child receiving services can approve a psychiatric evaluation of their child with one of our board-certified Child & Adolescent Psychiatrists or APRN’s. If medication is recommended, the child’s parent or guardian will be asked to approve the prescription of medication. Additionally, our psychiatric team can provide ongoing medication management for children who have successfully completed therapeutic treatment. 

Does Mid-Fairfield have bilingual therapists?
All of our programs and services are offered bilingually (English/Spanish) to maximize community access to care.

Does Mid-Fairfield partner with schools?
Yes. Part of the therapeutic process at Mid-Fairfield includes partnership with a child’s educational setting to best understand the child’s challenges in that setting. Our therapists work collaboratively with school staff to advocate for, and ensure a child is receiving appropriate educational and/or social work supports in the school environment in order to increase their capacity for learning.